EKUBO 5024


The house is set in Ekubo Estate, a small gated, upmarket Eco Estate on the South Coast of Kwazulu Natal just north of Port Edward. It is situated on the coastline with rolling hills and treed valleys.


Client was from Johannesburg who wished to have a change in lifestyle to enjoy the serenity and beauty of the South Coast. It was to be a house as true to a Balinese style as possible, but relevant to the local climate and Estate requirements. He had travelled widely across the globe and collected art and furniture from his travels. He wanted a house where he could meditate, exercise, relax, share, work and enjoy the privacy and beauty of the coastal plot.


A sub tropical climate.


Originally a sugar cane farm belonging to settler farmers. The original farmhouse was left on the estate and has been converted to the Estate Clubhouse.

The designed house is situated in the natural grassed front dune overlooking the lagoon below and the seashore stretching up the coast to the north. The narrow site is on a medium slope to the north east and is subject to the coastal winds.

The town planning scheme allows a maximum 500sqm house with a maximum of 60% of the site being able to be used for any outdoor garden, driveway, house services, earthworks and the house itself.

The Estate Architecture was required to follow the design ethos of Balinese tropical architecture with natural materials, earthy tones and protected courtyards, terraces, and three pitch roofs.


The house was designed with 4 bedrooms with open plan en-suite bathrooms, all part of the same building but separately accessed from the perimeter covered terraces thus enabling him to have selective exclusive paying guests.

Each bedroom décor was done differently with décor specifically sourced by architect and client on trips to Bali and many other appropriate countries.

The house has two wings each flanking the long lap pool with bedrooms on one side and the open plan dining, lounge, enclosed kitchen/scullery area. The wings are joined with a covered terrace and a meditation courtyard with a large stone buddha.  The plan form and all opening out inwards to the space between ensures privacy from the neighbouring sites.  The sloping site allowed the garages to be placed below the house and entered from the side of the house thus freeing up much ground level space for the living areas of the house. Total area of the house is 504 sqm and approximate building cost of R4 000 000. Materials used included, clay imperial common brick, smooth, ruled and textured plaster painted, stained hardwood windows and doors, stained exposed timber trusses, bespoke Balinese doors, teak screens, recycled timber parquet floors, imported furniture pieces modified for cupboards, vanities and fittings, clay roof tiles and authentic dry stack stone courtyard wall.

The brief was received in 2009. Full Architectural appointment with a Structural Engineer, Quantity Surveyor with a BOQ and a Tendered Contract Construction commenced in 2009. Construction was completed in 2011.

The house with its very personal décor and attention to detail is so far unique on the Estate.

The Client’s hospitality and his house’s serene atmosphere have been enjoyed and praised by those fortunate to have taken up his offer to stay and visit. We remain good friends with the Client and share each other’s travel experiences.

House was published in two Ekubo Estate magazines, Dec 2010 and Dec 2011.