A building is enjoyable to people when the spaces flow naturally. Great proportions are timeless and generous – they create effortless harmony. The dynamics within teams are similar. Whether a role is creative, technical or practical, the outcome is best when there is clear purpose … willing effort allows confidence and trust, good progression, sometimes more daring, more beautiful ideas. And the building invites in life and breathes.

Kevin Lloyd



Lead architect, Kevin Lloyd Architects

Lover of new challenges

Explorer of solutions

Developer of Estate guidelines

Active sportsman and 

lover of animals wild & domestic



KLA is a specialised practice creating enduring, appropriate and engaging architecture for clients and their environments. Inspiring forms and spaces are our passion. Challenges fascinate us and we love finding unusual solutions.

We spend time discovering with our clients what they really hope to achieve with a building, … sketching ideas together and exploring purpose and desire for the spaces.

Our preferred (and recommended) professional service begins as above – exploring ideas and possibilities (often with you) in visual sketches. This is a wonderfully flexible stage and a great way to uncover opportunity and establish direction.

Director, associates and chosen staff then refine concept into a more tactile, tangible gravity – from sketch plans through CAD and 3D renders into fully resolved CAD documentation.

Once designs and plans are approved, complete contract management is something we advocate and a role we take very seriously. We want to bring the physical essence of the structure – its proportions and spaces, the interconnectedness of its materials – to life as we imagined together at the beginning.

We see and touch a building, but we feel the spaces. Lives will unfurl and expand within them… they should be sanctuary and celebration.

Proportion and possibility. On moving through a building, we see the tangible, but we sense how comfortably proportions live with each other. The same materials can be arranged into serene retreat or riotous cascade of volume and light, sometimes within the same building. Like people, we respond to variety and depth in a building. It should always have room to surprise and delight us.

Raw materials vibrate with potential … it comes down to how we choose to arrange them. At it’s most ordinary, a building can provide functional shelter. If that is the sole purpose, it is still a worthy achievement. But if you want a home to inhabit, a connected series of spaces that you breath in, then we’d love to discuss that with you…

To our thinking it involves a very similar amount of labour, material and time to build a very ordinary 400sqm home as it does to build a more inspiring 400sqm space. With the bulk of the cost in this area, it makes sense to spend some time designing something worthwhile.

Kevin Lloyd Architects was established in 2002 to focus on challenging projects requiring passion and personal attention. These have included determining and managing guidelines for unique residential estates, resort facilities, Individual homes, and office / commercial / industrial / institutional buildings in sometimes challenging locations.

Director, Kevin has been practicing Architecture since 1980. After qualifying at UPE with degrees in B.Bld Arts ( Cum Laude) and B. Architecture, he began work for a national practice specialising in large scale projects, and was made a director in 1987. In 2002, a desire for a more hands on approach and personal involvement in all aspects of projects led him to set up his own practice specialising in residential homes. A good Architect is never too old to learn and inspiration for projects is often found in sketching, travel, publishing articles and workshopping with younger architects and other illustrious colleagues.

Inspiration is drawn from visits to over 40 countries documenting culture, environment and architecture with sketch and camera, as well as a love of colour, texture and the forms
and symmetries in nature. Lines on paper (Adventures in Art and Travel) in this website are both a record and a fledgling tour concept. Combined with a love of seeing new places and ideas is the pleasure of sharing the journey and knowledge with others. Kevin’s dream is to lead sketching and photographic journeys to historically and culturally rich destinations.

Kevin Lloyd Architects collaborates with other Architects, Interior Designers, Project Managers and professional practices where necessary depending on the expertise required or the size of the project. It is a pleasure to share our knowledge with those who are developing the same passion for architecture and are just beginning their own exciting journey.

Projects /achievements include

  • Zimbali Estate Guidelines,
    Zimbali Lodge, Zimbali Residents Facilities,
  • Ghana and Congo office blocks,
  • Mozambique resort,
  • LMC office block,
  • Westgate Factory Park
  • over 100 homes for clients seeking a specialized service locally, nationally and internationally.

Awards have been received for

  • Colour in Architecture in Educational Buildings
  • Architectural Merit award for Office block
  • Special mention for two houses, hotel and club house.